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We know the importance of staying ahead of tastes, trends and tech innovations. As a full-service agency of top-level talent, our team are rich in both expertise and experience when it comes to brand strategies, talent management and casting. Our zest for success is yours.

The art of perfection is a tantalising idea that inspires greatness. This essential ingredient is what continually positions the Lime Agency above all others. So too does our menu of skilled services – talent management, casting, advertising, influencer marketing and public relations. Our in-market experience has been uniquely developed thanks to decades working with the most premium brands, productions and talents from around the globe. Together under one roof, we are a manifestation of a philosophy that’s rarely experienced.

As your trusted creators, collaborators and confidants, discover the expansive benefits of a personalised partnership today by engaging with us. At the Lime Agency, we offer cutting-edge craftsmanship and commanding capabilities to achieve your exacting vision. When it comes to dynamic content and industry-leading brand experiences, we stop traffic. We turn heads. We make you look. We start conversations. We form relationships. And, we stay ahead of the curve. A unique work of art just like your campaign. We are the Lime Agency.

Our Experts

Focused on creating memorable moments for your brand.

Kylie Green
Kylie Green

Founding Director

A seasoned marketer and entrepreneur with a network envied by many, Kylie has a contact for almost everything! She is also renowned for creating and delivering some of the most memorable brand campaigns which have been recognised and awarded globally.

Susie Pfann
Susie Pfann

Campaign Director

Susie leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering excellence in campaign creation, management and delivery.

Olivier Björksäter-Bleylock
Olivier Björksäter-Bleylock

Editor & Copy Management

A wordsmith extraordinaire and crackerjack copywriter, Olivier is an award-winning writer and grammarian guru with big brand experience.

Amber Daines
Amber Daines

Media Training & Crisis Communications

A former print and TV journalist turned PR powerhouse, Amber is a Walkley Award winner, author and self-confessed communications addict.

Sam Boyle
Sam Boyle

Creative Manager

As a master multidisciplinary of design and an ideas machine gun, Sam’s reputation as a cutting-edge creative clever clogs is beyond compare.

Brianna Ansaldo
Brianna Ansaldo

Professional Podcast Producer & Composer

An aficionado of audio production and content creation that’s a cut above, let Brianna’s highly-trained ears bring your ideas to life with polished resonance.

Laura Henshall
Laura Henshall

Speaker Coach

Meet every speaker's best kept secret: Manchester born, New York trained and globally in-demand, Laura will help you discover your inner orator.

Zahrina Robertson
Zahrina Robertson

Branding Videographer & Photographer

First impressions craft lasting impressions. Unique branding keeps people switched on. Let Zahrina show you why it all starts with the visuals.

Our Expertise

Kylie Green – Founder and Director

Recognised with over 50 global industry awards, Kylie's relentless pursuit of brand supremacy is applauded and recognised by her peers. And she's here to achieve it for you and your business today.

A great brand strategy acts as a guiding light for everything else that follows.  It’s a simple mantra that’s seen Kylie create and develop hundreds of highly esteemed brand partnerships, work with an incredible line up of talent including Olympians, television personalities, actors, models, celebrities and reality stars as well as create award-winning memorable campaigns for countless clients.

Kylie has accumulated expert level experience helping brands launch, expand and re-image themselves via marketing, activations, events, advertising, media, direct and digital marketing. She founded Kaleidoscope Marketing, a multi award-winning brand activation agency at 29-years-old which she sold to an ASX listed company several years later. She’s also held Chief Executive roles steering both global behemoths and boutique agencies along with everything in between.

With a client-first mindset, it’s helped navigate Kylie’s impressive voice and vision to help establish brands, re-imagine reputations and break new verticals. It’s little then why she’s continually worked with an impressive list of brands including Christian Dior, Estée Lauder, Panasonic, Philips, GlaxoSmithKline, Kimberley Clark, Sanitarium, Parmalat, Carlton & United Breweries, Asahi, CommBank, Nestle, Meat & Livestock Australia, Pepsi, Emirates, ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Australia, Arnott’s and more.

Recognised with over 50 industry accolades, Kylie has been rewarded with multi APMA Star and MAAW Globes Awards as well as Creative Summit, Cannes Gold Lion, Spikes and POPAI Awards not to mention a finalist for the Telstra Women’s Business Awards and  winner of the Women in Media’s Mentor of the Year award to name just a few. Kylie has been a Non-Executive Director of Youth Insearch for the past 2 years and was recently appointed to the AiMCO (Australian Influencer Council of Australia) Executive Council. Kylie also previously served as a Non-Executive Board Director for Layne Beachley’s Aim for the Stars charitable foundation for 7 years and was a Chairperson of the Australasian Promotional Marketing Association (APMA) for 5 years which has since merged into now Advertising Council.

Above it all, it’s Kylie’s belief that branding is one of the most crucial aspects of any business. It’s your essential edge in today’s highly competitive market and in which Kylie continues to remain in sync with more than ever.

Susie Pfann – Campaign Director

Campaign Director Susie Pfann’s creations aren’t like other campaigns you’ve seen. That’s because her inspiration is uniquely drawn from the ‘best of both worlds’ so to speak. You see, Susie is uniquely positioned. She has enviable experience across client brand management, working with some of Australia's best-known brands. But she’s also been the ‘go-to girl’ for marketing and brand campaigns and activations at a number of award-winning agencies. The result? She knows what it takes to deliver success!

Iconic thinking. That’s what fuels Susie with the ability to creatively capture and represent every compositional element that makes for a brilliant campaign. To delve into your intrinsic, deep down, backs-against-the-wall, fundamentally-held values and use them to shape and set new trends. It’s a spirited performance; and it’s underscored by an illusory, often rebellious hell-raiser trait that most creative people possess. It’s why Susie thinks differently, feels differently and sees differently. To witness her in action is electrifying. So, it’s no surprise her work across world-class brands, premier retailers and popular shopping destinations has delivered a consistent quality of campaign materials carefully crafted to the exacting vision of every client.

Such qualities saw Susie play an integral part of Kylie Green’s first multi award-winning activations agency Kaleidoscope Marketing. Equipped with client intel from a roster including boutique businesses through to global corporate juggernauts thanks to her work across brand strategy through to activation, Susie displayed a compelling balance of contemporary thinking, innovative insights and powerful performance. Today, her repertoire extends to business administration, CRMs, ERPs and automation as well as financial management strategies and systems. There’s very little that can distract Susie from delivering superb results, which is why you’ll find her working alongside Kylie managing talent, campaigns and internal operations.

Olivier Björksäter-Bleylock – Editor and Copy Management

In a world full of words, the art of writing continues to fuel Olivier's relentless ambition for distinguished achievement and an everlasting expression of what's truly exceptional in every brand identity.

Words are our most inexhaustible source of inspiration to achieve brilliantly articulated, valuable, relevant and engaging content. And when it comes to branding, achieving outstanding market cut-through requires carefully crafted copy suitably toned to catch high custom.

As a former musician turned scribe, Olivier applies the melodic principles of economy, transparency, variety and harmony when he puts pen to paper. And similar to a performance, when it comes to high-quality content and audience consideration, he remains in tune with the ground rules of Google’s ever-changing SEO landscape. No longer is the target high keyword usage packed tightly into seemingly unsuitably produced copy. Today it’s about the ability to persuade and compel as well as to enhance a visitor’s interactions with key call to actions.

With qualifications in communications, journalism and writing as well as a doctorate in psychoanalytical semiotics, Olivier brings over 20 years’ experience of writing to the Lime Agency. A former freelance journalist working with international titles in Australia, Canada, France, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States through to managing corporate and government communications for some of Australia’s most powerful association and lobby groups, Olivier’s also served as editor-in-chief for a stable of business trade magazines and in-house copywriter working across a range of premium international brands. Such diversity has allowed him to develop a unique ability to communicate across different markets adopting different personas so as to tune into the most appropriate tone for absolute authenticity… ‘literarily’ speaking of course!

Amber Daines – Media Trainer and Crisis Communications

Skilfully empowering brands and developing your brand's 'visage' for media and business communications is all part of why Amber is known as one of Australia's top business communications specialists.

At the rate technology is rapidly evolving, the way we do business is also constantly changing. As a result, communication tools are changing. And so too is the media. But what doesn’t change is the fact that we need to communicate effectively with anyone that’s important to our business.

For over 20 years Amber has worked with major brands including Westfield, Deloitte and ING, not-for-profits including The Australian Fund for Animal Welfare, Carers Australia and the Law and Justice Foundation as well as hundreds of small businesses to build their business case; reach new audiences; and, engage their stakeholders through fine-tuning their communication skills and collateral.

Today, Amber has become of Australia’s most agile communications professionals known for her ability to devise and implement successful strategies across all forms of crisis communications. She’s honed her craft thanks to a diverse mix of opportunities across communication production. Originally a news journalist for a range of high-circulating newspaper head masts and business magazine titles, she took up career posts across the Asia Pacific and the United Kingdom. Amber was even recognised (at 22-years-old) with a prestigious Walkley Award for excellence in group newspaper journalism during the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s. If that’s not enough, Amber has also worked as an on-air TV reporter and consulted as a media relations expert to hundreds of well-known Australian brands in the business and charitable sectors.

Having worked with hundreds of CEOs and senior spokespersons who have engaged her to help bolster their media, presentation and crisis communications skills and enhance their leadership presence, Amber can deliver custom communication solutions for organisations of any size, helping you refine and succinctly convey your message. Why? Because every brand is different and so, too, are your needs. The media, though, is indiscriminate and unforgiving.

Sam Boyle – Creative Manager

Visually capturing the essence of a brand that can stand the test of time is a work of art only few can truly master.

To understand how a great brand story can resonate with its audience requires an understanding of the trust and affinity that can only come about through great design. Sam is that valuable tool in our design arsenal. But he’s more than a graphic designer. He’s a creator. An inventor. And an artisan. Everything is meticulously researched, planned, tested and designed to look and work flawlessly. It’s a symphony of look and function.

Sam has been creating compelling award-winning client designs for agencies, both large and small, for the past 20 years. Everything from strategic branding, merchandising and creative collateral through to print and online, regardless of the brief and scope, Sam thrives on bringing any design to life, either in line with predestined guidelines or creating new ones to revitalise an existing image. For him, a design must not only look beautiful, it must also function beautifully. A great design not only entices you to touch and to feel, but it must be intuitive and simple to wholly understand and embrace.

Brianna Ansaldo – Professional Podcast Producer & Composer

Are you ready to sound inspired? As an aficionado of audio production and content creation that's a cut above, let Brianna’s highly-trained ears bring your ideas to life with polished resonance.

As one of Australia’s award-winning top musical composers, the art of sound has always been Brianna’s bailiwick. In fact, she’s ‘heard’ it most of her life – whether it’s her natural knack for perfect pitch, talent for playing music by ear or perennial pursuit to experience the subtle simplicities that exist behind every single sound-byte. Jealous much? We certainly are!

It wasn’t until her ‘synesthesia’ for sound creation collided with the cultural coup d’état of podcasting that Brianna saw the platform disruptor as something more than alternative radio. She saw an opportunity to be braver, more playful and creatively unique. Above all, it was a means of breathing new life into largely forgotten forms of communication.

“My love is in the creation of sound” is the mantra Brianna has always lived by, even when she’s creating and producing digital content for clients. Whether it’s hobbyists who deliver a rambling monologue on their favourite topic, investigative journalists creating well researched and carefully crafted programs or narrative storytellers with a master for intimacy that comes with knowing their listeners. From the avant-garde to highly independent, experimental through to the traditional, it’s a world that Brianna hears ever so clearly that it’s a medium she’s now fully opted into.

With audio cues that signal master craftsmanship and transcendental talent, there seems to be a new canon being formed when it comes to Brianna’s style of sound: Ephemeral yet enduring. It’s this restraint that’s become the signature of her expertise to conceptualise, develop and produce premium podcasts. It’s about delivering an auditory experience that makes every listener feel something powerful.

Laura Henshall – Speaker Training

Above anything, Laura believes everyone has something important to say. That's why she's so passionate about supporting people of all walks of life to be able to share their gift of storytelling without fear.

If you’re in business, then you’re in the business of speaking. From ‘pitch coaches’ to TED talkers, there’s an entire industry built upon self-help books that tackle the art of public speaking. There’s no question that for most of us, public speaking is a fear. A big one. It’s one that may not loom front and centre in our daily lives but when the time comes, it tends to scare the living daylights out of us. But there’s no need to be afraid. We’ve got just the solution for you.

Laura is an international speaker, actress and artist who coaches and trains people in the art of public speaking, providing the support and encouragement required to discover your true self-confidence and share it with the world. Having trained with leading acting coaches including Annie Swann (Sydney) and Larry Moss and Josh Pais (New York City), much of Laura’s instructions share ideas and learnings from lineage such as Stanislavski, Stellar Adler and Uta Hagen in addition to voice teachers Patsy Rodenburg and Kristen Linklater.

Through her work, Laura guides you to connect with your inner confidence and turn your ideas and experiences into powerful TED style talks and keynotes. Her experience as a speaker and storyteller has seen her share her talks and tread the boards across the United Kingdom, United States and and Australia. She’s also gone on to support others to TEDx stages around the globe and grow their businesses through the medium of powerful speaking (video and stage) – many of them winning international business awards, launching their own sell-out events and becoming  professional speakers themselves.

Laura is the expert public speaking coach at The Entourage in Sydney and has helped hundreds of new and aspiring speakers to find clarity in their message and deliver it with impact, so they can wow their audience, every time. Now it’s your turn.

Zahrina Robertson – Branding Videographer & Photographer

First impressions craft lasting impressions. Unique branding keeps people switched on. Let Zahrina show you why it all starts with the visuals.

If a picture can capture a thousand words, Zahrina Robertson possesses a discernible eye for unique visual storytelling by the volume. A gift since early childhood while raised by photographic folk flush with formidable legacy, craft and inspiration, it’s this foundation that enabled her to cast conformity aside, act on inspiration and cultivate her own individualist principles. It’s a behind-the-lens snapshot into the iconographic acuity that’s developed into Zahrina’s impressive global showreel today, having created defiant masterpieces with national and international brands including Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the global conglomerate behind an impressive brand collection including Bulgari, Christian Dior, Dom Pérignon, Fendi, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, TAG Heuer and Veuve Clicquot. And from Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives’ to the real stars of Hollywood and every entrepreneur in between, Zahrina has worked with an incredibly diverse range of clients including Dale Beaumont, Richard Branson, Ita Buttrose, Matt Church, George Clooney, Aviva Drescher, Tim Ferris, Dannii Minogue and Martha Stewart.

Uniquely versed in creating fully personable and scalable visual experiences like no other, thanks to a dynamic background in marketing and public relations, it’s positioned her as one of the country’s most renowned experts and leaders in visual personal branding. And Zahrina basks in the entire creative process – from the quintessence of inception of concept, image acquisition and the artisanal detailing in post-production. It’s the delightfully unexpected twists, fleeting moments, spontaneity and the free spirit snapped in a singular frame where every sense is supremely alive that defines the artistry and skill of Zahrina. So, it should come as little surprise that she’s the recipient of numerous prestigious international awards not to mention the author behind a highly successful branding bestseller, helping people with cutting-edge, innovative personal ‘self-package’ branding insights in today’s rapidly changing world.

Stylishly street-smart, strikingly savvy and sensitively skilful, Zahrina Robertson is ready to help your brand achieve a new dimension of visual creativity. Are you ready to change up the game as well?

Allow us to bring your vision to life.


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